Hello everyone !

This is an on-line website for art prints, art books
and multimedia projects in a sketchbook portfolio.

Thank you to everyone for visiting !
You can look at a video of what is
in the website at :

Feel free to navigate your way in the site.

Here you will find visual art that can be accessed as
instant digital downloads. I have art books and many
art prints for sale in the Store section.

The sketchbook here on the "About Us" page
and the art journaling blog are for learning about art.

I have set up the shop so that my everyone
can look at it or buy it. It is fully functioning.
The subscription is free and opens up the
entire store.It has a My Books page where
you will see the items you have bought.

If you need help viewing or downloading anything,
or need more information, please contact us.

Feel free to navigate through the site and see
art is in it.

Thank you for visting us!

Susana Roque